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When selecting cypress species for particular sites it is necessary to take the local climatic conditions into account, primarily to reduce the likelihood of serious cypress canker infection. All cypress genotypes appear to have some degree of susceptibility to this disease, although there is significant variation between the species. Cupressus macrocarpa grows well on cool, fertile sites, and will tolerate exposed coastal sites and salt winds. However, C. macrocarpa is much more susceptible to canker than C. lusitanica, and can be devastated by this disease on warm North Island and West Coast South Island sites. The siting of C. macrocarpa should be restricted to the South Island, coastal areas of both Islands and cooler high-altitude North Island sites. C. lusitanica will not tolerate exposure to salt winds, and appears to be more suited to fertile, free-draining soils and warmer, sheltered conditions. In general, the most appropriate cypress species to plant on North Island and West Coast South Island sites is C. lusitanica.